Our highly trained Behaviour Therapists receive comprehensive training and ongoing supervision by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with over 10 years of experience. In order to provide the highest quality of treatment, our therapists must meet and maintain objective fidelity of implementation standards. They work directly with your child in diverse environments, including your home, school and/or daycare, in order to best generalize and maintain functional skills. Our therapists are trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles and teaching strategies, with a focus on Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT). Parent education and training are always an integral part of our services. We believe parents are essential to a child's progress and that learning should not end when the therapist leaves the home.

Our Behaviour Therapists will work closely with other service providers, such as Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupation Therapists, to provide the highest quality of intensive therapy for your child. Services are highly individualized and have measurable goals with a focus on functional skills aimed at accelerating your child's learning curve. Parents are taught to implement teaching strategies during the natural routines of family life. Targeted skill areas can include:


    • Expressive Communication
    • Receptive Communication
    • Play Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Self Direction
    • Self Management
    • Self Regulation
    • Self-help Skills
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Pre-academic Skills
    • Academic Skills

Parent Training & Consultation

    • Conduct Functional Analyses/Assessments of targeted behaviors taking into account the "whole person" in multiple environments
    • Develop Comprehensive Positive Behaviour Support Plans
    • Facilitate environmental adaptations to promote and maintain change
    • Utilize a variety of evidence based teaching strategies, with a focus on Pivotal Response Treatment, as well as PECS, Social Stories, Video Modeling, etc.
    • Teach parents behavioural management skills utilizing a Competency Based Training Manual
    • Data based treatment planning
    • On-going supervision by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in your child's natural setting(s)

School and Daycare Integration Services

    • Design, implementation, and supervision of child integration plans
    • Consultation with teachers, educators, and other support staff
    • Individualized 1-on-1 direct support with your child
    • Interactive and experiential staff training and workshops on variety of topics

Additional ABA-based Services

    • Consultation in group and foster home settings
    • Topical workshops
    • Homework support
    • Social skills groups
    • Support for doctor and dentist visits, swimming courses, and other activities
    • Parent-led support groups

Performance Management Business Solutions

    • Design and on-going follow up of behavior-based strategies to increase employee performance in a variety of industries and job descriptions
    • Evidence-based strategies to help train new staff and train existing staff in new methods
    • Provide proven strategies to empower managers and supervisors to improve employee retention, motivation, and creativity