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  • We help your child

    to improve their developmental skills and help decrease challenging behaviours.

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  • Viewing parents

    as an integral part of your child's treatment program provide more effective and efficient progress.

  • Provide families

    with a holistic treatment program that targets your child's needs and those individuals important in your child's life.

  • A scientific practice

    that uses modern behaviour learning theory to teach new skills, increase socially significant behaviours, and decrease socially undesirable behaviours.

  • Focus on parent

    and caregiver involvement, the primary ABA approach of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT).

  • Changes in pivotal

    behaviours result in widespread gains in communication, social and several other behavioural domains.

Why Does my Child do that?

Why does my child hit me when he gets mad? Why does she cry when she cannot have a toy at the store? Why does he avoid social situations?

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What is one of the most simple yet powerful interventions you can start right now?

Choice! Think about it: How much are our children`s lives controlled for them? We tell them when to get up in the morning, to eat breakfast, get dressed, go to school, do their homework, brush their teeth, etc.

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Catch' em Being Good  

As parents, we all know how we frequently we find ourselves trying to keep ourselves under control in challenging situations and keep our emotions “in check” when our child is acting up.

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