What is one of the most simple, yet powerful interventions you can start right now?

Choice! Think about it: How much are our children`s lives controlled for them? We tell them when to get up in the morning, to eat breakfast, get dressed, go to school, do their homework, brush their teeth, etc. If we can provide them with more choice in their everyday routines, it makes sense that they will feel more in control, more powerful, and more likely to have a sense of ownership and pride over what they are doing. They will feel less like you are telling them what to do and more like they are choosing what they want to do. Obviously, this increases compliance and usually your child`s mood as well. With practice, you can easily incorporate choice into almost any demand or activity. At breakfast for example, they can choose which spoon to eat with, which chair to sit in, how many napkins they want, etc. And this is just for one activity! There are often endless ways to provide choice for your child in their typical day and you will see results quickly in terms of less protesting, non-compliance, and fewer battles. The important thing is that, ultimately, you as the parent have the control. For breakfast, even if they can choose the spoon, you are still getting them to eat. If you are trying to get them to do their homework, you can let them choose which subject they want to do first, but you are getting them to do the homework, whichever subject they choose. So providing more choices throughout the day is really a win-win!